Candy deserved better treatment, something that Albert kept giving him. She wanted that Anthony would no longer like Candy. The letters of the end of Volume 2 don´t have dates, and the last letter is for a dead person: Anthony, so we can´t think in a logic scenary in time with them, only are her memories. the Lower Avon, or Bristol Avon (near Bath). With him, I found out that there are various ways to love. Why there were so many episodes of stupid situations (the last ones were so absurd and depressive, with the mine story of the woman doctor and all that stuff) with new characters, that doesn´t follow the story, and suddenly in one episode they close all, and candy runs as the little child as it will start again… so I forgot about it keeping my sadness and trauma because Anthony´s dead and Terry´s separation.Well I have been reading since last year mizuki´s interviews, founding out about the legal problems with Igarashi, the problems with Toei´s and the commercialization of the mangae and anime…then I just can understand what happened.First: the Spanish translation is a nightmare, they changed the meaning and words in most of the parts (I only see now the translation in English from Japanese). If that is so, than could it be that it is the first time when she preffered her personal feelings to the feelings of someone? May, engagement party Neil & Candy. go check it out. who is at her side. Albert is and always will be anohito. Can you give us explanation why Candy left Terry alone in Rockstown and insisted on looking for Albert? So, Nagita if you're out there reading all these comments, look into your heart and make it right for Candy, if not for us..... ANOHITO-Albert or Anthony same person lost memorie,W.A and Albert the costume to hide the true especially cap115 in the tv looks more like Anthony and Candy Albert And Anthony both said the same thing same character pre final manga chapter I never forget your smile I shall forget the smile Albert always remember Candy.he was with her all the stage Of life. IF the story gave clues that candy are going to be fine and happy with him. Even when i had already known that they would be cruelly separated on volume 7 ( and the fact that i am now more on albert side), i was still very much happy and my heart beat lovely when i read volume 4, especially on the scene of may festival and scotland summer holiday. Anonymous 16 :Please, ... :) I assume you're the one who haven't read all sources of CC story. HE is Candy’s adoptive father. , as marriage is a direct contract between the two individuals getting married. Mizuki doesn’t mind, thus the reason she wrote the novel the way she did it and why she deconstructed the narrative and the chronology, NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. Hi dear Rika and Candy Candy Nation, thanks for your posts. After what they went through, it is comprehensible that he wants to have her on his side all the time. Remember the only episode in the Gospel as Christ walked on water. I hope you're still alive.) But more decisive yet, the, is now starting - there is going to be a severe worldwide, with international trade plunged by more than 50%. Solo ridiculeses escribe. Un-official sources : many fan discussions/forums ( try to read both sides of discussions).Even Mizuki, the author, once had stated in interview that Albert was the predestined love of Candy's. Voici les liens : son forum : In this way you would find out that the last location mentioned is not Sao Paulo, it is Lakewood. She ended up with Albert, so It made sense for her reading all letters from her friends and other relatives first because she missed them in America, and ending it with Albert's. Anohito - Candy Candy Final Story desenredado, Anohito y la muerte de "Susana" (descifrando el epilogo de Candy Candy Final Story), Anohito - Candy Candy Final Story untangled, Anohito and "Susanna’s" death (decoding the epilogue of Candy Candy Final Story), White Nights Watercolors - box of 36 pans, Jeremy Rifkin on global issues and the future of our planet, Candy Candy full colour manga - KOREAN version -. Annie’s character also benefits with the new format, we see her at her worst in the anime, but in CCFS she is once again closer to the portrait of her that we have in the manga. Posts to Anohito. Albert was friend with Terry but he no longer talks with Terry either. Back then I believed that the more we missed each other, fate will pay us back so we could have more time together.”, (B2/pp.274-277). You should also be very careful how you fill-in the plot-holes in CCFS; some scenes are completely erased from the manga’s narrative - like Neil sexual harassing Candy or Albert saving her from a loose Lion in the Chicago park (thanks for that one - it makes him more close to a common human than to a superhero). Hello again, for those who want, you can go the following websit "" where you can the prologue in english of the novel "final story". You travel to the Arctic with your son to see the northern lights, it is breathtaking. Actual present time c.1932) We have clear eras to relate to; in the USA and as well as some actions are located in the UK, we also have the, For example, now we can understand the novel’s setting; Television or internet are years from being invented, even telephone & radio are still tested and are not yet a mass media communication. Albert´s fans didn´t understand terry, only see him aggressively when he is passionate and a boy in love, that has been rejected for his mother and father.About the oil paint not only terry saw pony´s home wishing to be near candy from the hill, but he heard candy´s description of her home many times in saint paul (she invited him to go and see it), so why not recognize it if reflected the place where his big loved lived? And here is the proof. & for anyone's concern, I really love Terry, although I am a genuine Albert-fan. Anonymous feb 25, it's not part of a letter. On the other hand Aunt Elroy & Sarah Leagan - are right-full representation of their conservative upper-class & social status. There are 3 direct references to suicide in the works; Susanna attempted to jump off a building (so she wouldn’t interfere between Terry & Candy). March? He's very loyal, but also very indecisive and rather depressive = Terry but like in Hamlet he has readily accepted his fate = so does William Albert, when meets candy at the hill also Macbeth Theme of Fate and Free Will = represents William AlbertViola is Plucky and quick-witted = candy disguised herself as a man Julius Caesar & (Antony &) Cleopatra = stallion Cesar & mare Cleopatra that George (uncle William) gave to candy as present.Katherina Mignola = A spirited girlLucentio, Gremio & Hortensio = Three gents that had their hearts set on Bianca (Bianca means white, candice).To believe that Terry has some short of monopoly over Shakespeare is just pure ignorance, and you shouldn't be surprise if anyone laugh at your face with this remark; One of the repeating themes in Shakespeare's works is fate and human actions. But the thing is, i personally didn't see it. life and finally managed to find a way for them to live a life together against all odds, makes me really want to buy the book and struggle with my japanese knowledge. The first feelings about love toward the prince of the hill, that makes candy accepts to me adopted by the Lagan´s. . Come hear what editor, translators, and Nagita Sensei have to say about this very special edition of our beloved story. Thank you so very much and really, really thank you from my heart that you took out of your time to share a lovely ending of the story.Take careAnohitoooo for Ever!!!! his feelings for her are the same as 10 years ago). You take the cross country hike to Santiago during 3 weeks, it bounds you with your sister. You have sex (again) in an open forest. MY prince of the Hill too :)Love is in the air!!!!!!M.R. Thanks again for your help. Please make sure you standardize the mentions of Albert, Albert-san, Grandfather William, Great Uncle William and Prince of the Hill as Albert so that he can be properly accounted for. There is a huge gap, we know Candy is happy with the person she loves. (1919)The time should be in Spring. 4. It is stated on the manga that the "gentle voice is from Albert and the prince of the hill. But for the rest of characters, this brief encounter in early spring of 1904, between Candy & W.A. ... You might have to leave things sinking-in for a while, or perhaps you want to read section III again (now that you have read the whole epilogue), but eventually your brain will get hit with “that detail”; perhaps in Anthony’s letter, perhaps Susanna’s letter, perhaps “Hamlet” but either way you will pull-out from this thread and as a chain reaction, all the. Finally Terry & Candy meet, but he has to stay with Susanna, Candy returns to Chicago with a broken heart (she loses weight). ( Sorry my english not so good ). Para exigir tolerancia primero hay que ser tolerante. Candy now works at the Happy Clinic located at Pony's Hill. But is that how they feel? The Epilogue is not much different, we are already in good spirit (after reading Terry note, B2/pp283). Candy Candy Final Story (English) 63K Reads 579 Votes 21 Part Story. I thank you for this! Including the times you muttered to yourself.”. And she transform him in Hamlet but didn´t kill him, she made him suffer until Susana died, then he didn´t have a duty to fulfill, but had her big love to find, that is the meaning of his lovely letter: I have not changed…In saint paul school he was madly in love (you have to read Eliza´s trap described by Mizuki in final story, is so heartbreaking).I disagree about candy can´t have anthony´s roses if she is married with terry, that is a very weak argument, we are talking about adults, that suffered so much (terry and candy) and find each other as soul mates after at least 10 years of separation, a big and sincere love can´t prohibit to have or not have a beautiful memory of a person you loved so much being a teenager, and of her lovely lakewood, he must respect that and is the way of demonstrate his real and sincere love. Also these are not loose letters, but a long well chronologically organized correspondence/conversation between Candy and Albert - in contrast with the previous part, and as a matter of fact, the epilogue is going to guide us and help us to put section III in its right chronological order. Nobody knows they talk for first time 15 years ago - Candy tells Anthony about “her prince” and the medallion, but Anthony dies. The letter to Anthony is not an attempt to find closure with Albert, but first and foremost to show her resolve to go on with her life no matter what. When reading the letters in the epilogue, we need to understand this setting, the big secret; nobody knows Candy & W.A. Thank you so much for this amazing work! and here is the proof.. anohito is Terry..., Well with all respected just to assume Terry is Anohito only becuase the word is there don't forget Candy Call Stear Anohito Too and Albert call Rosemary Anohito and George call Anthony Anohito..and Archi call Albert Anohito. Bequi you did a terrific job. 1915 - Candy & Terry trying to be together but keep missing each other. Well it depends on what you understand for happiness. There could also be other explanations that why he didn't come back. Candy falls in love with millionaire Sir William Albert & they live happily ever after? He was used to go to the hospital every day, always carrying flowers. The tax office gives you money back. There is no need for Candy to write to Archie about something he said almost a year ago, but after reading the epilogue we understand her real need is getting this secret out of her chest, telling someone else “HE DID IT AGAIN”, even when she has to write it in code. Those letters that Candy writes but she doesn’t send out; to Terry (B2/pp. Candy al fin feliz con William Albert... Gracias y felicidades excelente, puedo quedar en paz con este final. Upper-Class.- The Leagan’s or the Cornwell’s. Hello Bequi, i read again the pages in english and it appears that i have misunderstood the story. “Albert and Uncle William.Even now, I still can’t believe that they are the same person. Instead, Candy didn't think she was too busy when she upset her life just to help Albert!! You believe in some God again. Therefore, flashbacks in this section are often than before, we are going to be swapping with Candy between her present in real time and the present of past events. Who is not clear, go to YouTube, there are a lot of commercials about the meaning of orthodoxy for a man, and why it is the least distorted the religion of our time.In short, do not want to embark on second thoughts and annoy the audience, but it does not exclude the fact that Kyoko Mizuki wanted to convey to all of us is this idea - of how God loves us, all-holy Trinity. The only successor of William, was me, then only 8 years old. Clearly we come from a very different way of thinking and I begin to believe that you could write more interesting plot of Candy Candy than Mizuki herself. You have sex in an open-forest area. No she wasn't. 7. Saying that coming from different social status, they faced strong opposition from the family, but his sister did not yield. Sorry for some typo here and there. For Shiluo:if want you go and see the manga (in french, sorry) at the website "ISCARIOTE.ORG". Is an introduction to the novel’s rhythm & feel, not only sets the nostalgic mood of the book, but it also introduces two of the three time scenarios the novel has- the present day and the past events.